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the self-loving fitness programme that helps you celebrate your body & LIVE your life!

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> Whatever ‘it’ you had, 2020 took 'it' out of you.


> You’ve been left feeling deflated and demotivated and you’re beating yourself up a little for 'letting yourself go'.


> The relationship with yourself and your body has suffered and you’re just not feeling yourself atm.


> You scroll through ’sweaty’ selfies (she doesn’t sweat, she sparkles tho 🙄) of other gals that have the discipline to keep SmAsHinG their home workouts, (whilst also  making the PERFECT protein pancakes every Saturday OBV)


> And you think ahhh, why am I like this?


> Why do I choose to curl up under a blanket with a LARGE packet of crisps whilst she’s choosing to go for a 5k?


> 'I’m just so lazy'...

(PS. you're NOT)

is this you?!

it's self care she says...

And suuuure, you know you DESERVE to care for yourself...

To feel good.

To feel energised and motivated to do all those activities that they do that seems to keep them constantly GLOWING.

To feel comfortable and confident in your body.

To feel strong and empowered, not just whilst working out, but in LIFE!

And to feel less constantly guilty that you’re not doing enough...

~ the odd Youtube workout


~ gym memberships, back when that was possible, but it always felt like you were going through the motions...  never really finding your flow or being entirely sure whether you were doing it all ‘right’.


~ ‘Healthy Swaps’.  Trying HARD to trick your brain that carrot sticks and hummus are JUST as satisfying as your packet of hula hoops...


And some of them worked for a bit. But they never really felt like YOU! Or maybe, they became a little too consuming, and they took you to extremes that you knew weren’t actually benefitting your health.


And so you blamed yourself, wrote another attempt off and vowed to try again soon…

and so you've tried...


it WASN’T your fault.


I know you THINK it’s a lack of will power and discipline that is your biggest barrier.


But i PROMISE you, it’s not.


Those things are a manifestation of a much deeper thing going on...


And that right there is a lack of compassion, acceptance and LOVE for yourself!


(which are the result of a society that teaches you you're never quite enough)

i'm here to tell you a different story.

I’m Marissa, Your Personal Trainer & BFF!


Committed to EMPOWERING you to feel freakin' GREAT so you can go out and be GREAT!


> Without having to wait for your ‘goal body’ to materialise first!!!


Through 3 simple ingredients:

- Self-love

- Knowledge, understanding & a deeper connection with your body and your needs

- Full hold-your-hand-every-step-of-the-way support!


AKA the SOUL that’s been missing from those old attempts!


i'm marissa,

your pt & bff!

You can make the ‘healthy swaps’ or force yourself out for a run - but nothing has changed on the inside!


You can buy a gym membership - but have no guidance with what on earth to do on all those machines!


You can follow random youtube workouts - but feel pretty alone & directionless without a full support system to cheer you along!


Because you’re a QUEEEEEN!


And it’s time you had someone else in your corner, motivating you by reminding you that

you ARE already enough!


(Instead of low key shaming you into not having a body or life like ‘HER’)

Which is why our arms are OPEN for you in



Because the real glow up isn’t physical girl. It has nothing to do with abs or booty growth (though, sure those things might happen)

The REAL glow up happens on the inside!

The end result?

A COMPLETE lifestyle transformation.

For the first time in my life, I no longer hate exercise - OR my wobbly bits! I feel the strongest and most in tune with my body I've ever felt and I can honestly say MPWR has changed me!

- Caroline, member

let's take a peek at what your

mpwr: unleashed! glow up involves...

step 1

We reveal the secrets of what you TRULY need for health and happiness (hint: this does not involve a diet plan, an app to calculate every morsel or food you eat or 100 burpees a day!)


We open your mind and revolutionise your approach to this whole journey, bringing you into a place where you’re EMPOWERED and excited to commit to yourself like never before.

Marissa has helped me to find exercise enjoyable again and transform my thoughts to think more positively about my body! I feel I am managing my moods and emotions better too - Marissa is a positive ray of sunshine that everyone needs in their life!

Daniella, member


what you're getting:


monthly programme

~ varied workouts to build strength, stamina and flexibility


~ all are under 30 mins, to fit around your busy life!


~ tailored to all fitness levels, with low impact options ALWAYS available,


~ real time & coached through so you can nail your form and get the most efficient workout possible


~ creative & fun - no endless jump jacks or burpees, movements are always combo’d in varied ways so your mind and body will be constantly engaged!


~ weekly opportunities to submit questions about ANY aspect of your fitness, wellbeing & self-love journey, which will be answered in detail by me via video!

~ daily email prompts, motivation & schedule reminders to keep you accountable, so you never feel like you're going this alone!

~ bonus challenges & threads in the private Facebook community group to keep us growing & glowing together!

weekly lives

~ fun workouts with even MORE FUN  playlists!


~ where we come together as a community and share the joy of moving our bods!


~ get our sweat on together & cheer each other through it!


~ again, creative and tailored to all levels


~ live workout styles include barre & dance cardio to keep things fresh and interesting!

~ all saved permanently to the online library of replays!

plus tonnes more!

~ extra expert workshops & advice on every other aspect of health to ensure a full 360 approach to your journey! - Past experts include registered dietitians, meditation coaches & life coaches.


~ a detailed nutrition guidebook and weekly meal ideas to make nourishing your body exciting & enjoyable!

~ a 'pick n mix' library of over 100 other exercise sets so you can tailor your own workout when you need something specific!

~ The Empowered Mind & Body video series to guide you step by step into your ultimate growth mindset!

Imagine how much simpler life would be if you had all this in one place, on demand, with someone actually guiding you through the process!


You might say it’s like having a PT, and personal cheerleader in your pocket...

Speaking of which...

Hey beauts!

I’m M, the one woman army behind MPWR!

After working as a qualified PT and pro dancer for 4 years, I decided it was time to shake things up. I got tired of womxn being made to feel like they were never good enough; like fitness was only for certain bodies and that only those bodies were the ‘image of health’!


So I set out to revolutionise the way we approach moving our bods - flipping the idea of it being a chore or duty for manipulating our appearance & turning it instead into a joyful experience that is, above all else, driven from a place of self love and empowerment!

I can't wait to meet you inside UNLEASHED!

Marissa x



- A monthly programme of real-time feel fab workouts for strength, stamina & stretching!

- weekly live Dance Parties & themed Barre classes + ALL previous replays!

- 1-1 support from me - daily email prompts to keep you motivated & accountable!

- PLUS regular opportunities to gain personalised advice.

- Access to the private member’s community where we share our wins, struggles & cheer each other on!

- Extra expert workshops - on topics such as nutrition, self care, stress & positive thinking.

- A pick n mix workout library of 100+ individual workout sets!


The energy & playlists are amazing & brighten each day! The way I see myself, as well as general happiness & productivity has improved more than I can tell you... I genuinely feel this is life changing!


The Monthly Programme...


One last head & heart check babes!

You could carry on as you are - the information, workouts, they’re OUT THERE! But gal how long are you going to carry on trying this and that to find what sticks, with no one to really guide you?


Your time is NOW! If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how absolutely precious life is. And how you don’t deserve to be living in anything less than FULL BLOOM! If you’re ready to let someone else in, to hold your hand (or more accurately, dance alongside you and hype you up) whilst you navigate this - I’m HERE and pumped for that exact role!!!



Still not sure?! Contact me here with any questions love!