The feel FAB fitness programme  where life gets LEVELLED UP!

Because healthy habits & good wellbeing are the KEYS to unlocking a life you love - but we know they're not easy to sustain alone...

Let me tell you more...


I’m M, the one woman army behind MPWR: UNLEASHED - the revolutionary fitness programme that empowers your mind & body, so you can start living life as the BEST version on you!


If you’re tired of feeling lost, stuck and demotivated, and find it tricky to stick to the healthy habits you KNOW you need to BOSS life, the universe has brought you to the right place!!


I cannot wait to welcome you with open arms into the OG crew - let's get GLOWING!


i'm marissa,

your pt & bff!

We're not fixated on the way you look, we're fixated on the INCREDIBLE womxn you are, and who you're meant to become. And we'll help you become her!

> The introductory programme to guide you step by step to building an enjoyable and SUSTAINABLE fitness & wellbeing routine that helps YOU thrive.

> 4 steps to completely transform the way you relate to exercise and your body!

> This is the SECRET SAUCE that most other fitness programmes miss but is the KEY to sustained success & happiness!

live weekly 'sweat togethers'!

> Two live workouts per week where we can get (& sweat!) together as a community!

> Infused with the signature MPWR energy, creativity & JOY to keep your good vibes topped up

> ALWAYS inclusive & accessible - minimal equipment, time and space required!

bulletproof bod monthly programme

> ON DEMAND structured strength & conditioning workouts to help give your BOD exactly what it needs

> Progress the exercises across the month & feel yourself getting stronger & looser

> Tailored especially for those long days at the desk ~ focusing on all the areas that get a little sore!

> Always suitable for all levels with real time coaching to help you get the most out of YOUR body

let's take a peak at what your mpwr: unleashed glow up involves...



lacking energy

feeling miles away from your goals







> The EMPOWERED MIND & BODY PATHWAY - introductory transformation programme


> Twice weekly LIVE 'sweat togethers'!


> Bullet Proof Bod: monthly strength & conditioning programme + over 100 on demand mini workouts


> Monthly mindset experts to help you flourish in all aspects of your life

> An online girl gang and 1-1 contact with meee to help support & celebrate you the whole way through!

the empowered mind/body pathway

The best bit?! I’ll be right here - at the end of a voice note, email or DM - and LIVE every week in the community to walk you through it step by step and pick you up after any wobbles!!​​ Like you're own personal coach... for LESS than the cost of a gym membership!

You ready?!