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Ready to give your employees the feel-good boost they deserve?!


MPWR'S Virtual WFH Wellbeing brings feel-good, health first fitness directly to your team - no matter where they are!


Are you ready to re-energise?!


Happy, healthy workers = a happy, healthy workplace... we don't need to tell you that! But more than ever, effectively supporting the happiness and health of your employees is no mean feat - especially when they're no longer together in one place!

Throughout the last few months, MPWR has been delivering an essential dose of virtual feel good fitness & wellbeing to employees who have been thrown from their usual working environments and into the WFH life - where we know how hard it can be to stay motivated and in a good routine.


Enter MPWR! Through our high energy virtual classes, we have brought teams back together and kept morale high!

Maintaining a good wellbeing routine is vital during this ongoing uncertainty and it's so much easier when you can do it right alongside your work besties - without leaving your home office!!

'The MPWR classes really helped me through confinement. At one point it was all that made me feel happy!'


Choose from two options and we'll help design a package that suits your team down to a T!


The most fun you'll ever have on a Zoom call! Get your sweat on together with our high energy, signature sessions tailored to your team.

Choose from 4 class styles:

Hiits & Giggles: fun filled cardio & stength circuits!

Burn Baby Burn: a low impact, barre style, full body blast!

Bust A Move: a follow-along dance party with guaranteed laughs!

Chill Out: a specifically cultivated anti-desk stretch & release, essential for office workers.

Choose your schedule: tailor days and times that suit the majority of your team - a morning wake up, lunch time refresh or evening treat?!


Grant your team unlimtied access to the MPWR treasure trove of on demand real-time workouts!

MPWR Online is a revolutionary online platform and community that brings feel good fitness & wellbeing straight to your living room whenever you need it!

You'll unlock:

- 100+ feel good, real time workout vids

- Downloadable mindset resources for happiness & self love.

- Simple, accessible nutrition guidance

- Quick, easy and TASTY recipes

- Exclusive content: q&as, ebooks, courses and more!

Read more about MPWR Online HERE but please enquire to receive discounted corporate membership rates!

'So much energy, my mind was blown! LOVED IT!'

Get ready to enrich your workforce with more...






I'm Marissa, the founder, creator and one woman army behind mpwrldn!

This whole idea has been a LONG time coming...

After training as a professional dancer & actress, I shimmied my way into the fitness world 3 years ago, initially as a side hustle to pay the bills.


Obviously, as a dancer, I've always been passionate about moving my body, but the fitness world overwhelmed me with its rules and stigmas around how to move, when to move, why to move and WHO can move. The elitist, extreme approach that seemed to be intimidating far more people than it inspired quickly became a sticking point for me that I desperately wanted to combat!

Hence the idea of MPWR was born! An inclusive, accessible, FUN & FRIENDLY approach to fitness and wellbeing with the sole aim to make as many people feel good as possible!

I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait to welcome you into the gang!

Loads of love x

Hey lovely people!